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When the severe weather advisory map shows all red and predictions of damaging wind and hail is in the forecast most people start thinking about what do they need to do to protect their belongings. You may start by moving the car into the garage and making sure all the rest of your stuff outside is covered or tied down as best as possible. After taking precautions, all you can do then is sit back and see what happens. As you are listening to the hail strikes on the roof, siding and windows you are most likely thinking, "I am going to have to call in an insurance claim".

With every major event roofers will be starting to canvas neighborhoods trying to get your roofing job once the insurance adjuster has approved the claim. If you are like many others you may not be too excited to have your doorbell ringing constantly so you look for other sources to find the contractors, get the estimates and then select the best contractor for your needs. Both these scenarios will cost you hours of meetings with sales representatives and it is often challenging to understand how they stack up against one another.

Some things you should know about the potential roofing candidates:

What do past customers say about them and the job they did for them?
Where are they located and are they a LOCAL business servicing your community?
How long have they been in business?
Are they insured and do they use crews who are covered?
Are they licensed? This may not apply in some markets such at Texas that does not have a state licensing body
Do they have the required coverage for their crews including Unemployment Insurance and Workers Compensation? In some markets such as Illinois both are required for anyone working on your roof
How much of a deposit is required to start the work?
What kind of materials are they installing?
What is the material and labor warranty? It is important to clearly understand the difference as the labor warranty may not be the same as the manufacturer warranty for the material.
What is the PRICE for your request?

How much time would it take to gather all this information and compare the contractors? You need this all in one place. RoofMarketplace does this for you and makes it easy.