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As you may have noticed from a lot of our posts, one of the key markets we work with is the property insurance market.  After years of working with claims and underwriting teams we realized that they needed a better customers service solution for roof replacement claims.  They also need the ability to get market based bids from quality local contractors who are not interested in playing the insurance estimating game.

To make it easy for the adjuster the RoofMarketplace ProAccount enables an adjuster to create a detailed request in less than 2 minutes with all the details about the request.  With feedback from our users we have launched several enhancements that make the process easier for the adjuster.  This video shows some of these great enhancements;

- The adjuster dashboard includes more information about the requests, status, and other details

- The request setup has been simplified to 2 screens and less than 2 minutes

- Contractors bid the request with all the warranty details and the upgrade options

RoofMarketplace is ready to change the market and enable carriers to offer insureds a better customer service experience when they need to replace their roof.