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Recently, I was called to inspect a roof leak in Dallas. It was an older home and the property owner said it has been leaking for years. I inspected the roof and submitted my HD digital graphic roof inspection report to her.

I showed the homeowner where the problem areas were. I let her know that her roof was coming to the end of its life cycle and had been neglected for years. She informed me that she only had a $1000 deductible and wanted to call her insurance company for a brand new roof. I was perplexed and politely asked why she believed that her insurance company should buy her a new roof. She quickly stated that she’s been paying in for years so she deserved a new roof. I replied, “Your homeowner’s insurance is NOT a Home Warranty.” I had to explain some hard-hitting facts:

A Home Warranty covers things in your home; if a covered component breaks the warranty will fix them.

A Home Owners Insurance Policy only covers the unexpected like hail, tree branch falls on your roof, etc, or any storm related damage that is covered. Which means, it doesn’t cover neglect.

Moral of the story, fix the issues before they cause a problem that most likely will not be covered by your insurance policy.